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Our story

Risen King Community Church was started in 1989 as Terry Wardle led a small group of people who envisioned a new church beginning in Redding. From the beginning, Risen King was designed to be a church where people who perhaps hadn't felt welcome in more traditional settings would be able to find a home. This priority has shaped a lot of our church culture, from our worship style to how people dress.

Another priority from those early days that is still important today is an emphasis not just on great corporate worship gatherings, but on accessible small groups. We need the encouragement that can come from worship celebration with a large groups, but we also need the support that can come from a circle of friends who know us well. We need to hear thoughtful and practical sermons from God's Word, but we also need to live out the application of that message in community with other God-seekers.

One of our distinct messages is, "It's okay not to be okay." Many of our leaders and many people who have been a part of Risen King over the years have gone through periods of brokenness and restoration. When we say we are a place of grace, we are speaking as those who have greatly needed and experienced the grace of God in our lives.

We also believe that we don't have to stay "not okay." An emphasis on healing has been a consistent theme throughout the history of Risen King, and we frequently hear testimonies from those who have experienced physical and emotional healing from God.

Today, those original emphases of grace, small groups, healing and accessibility continue. We are excited to continue to grow as a local church, and to see our reach extend beyond Redding to touch our region, nation and world.