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Connecting with god's family

Grouplife at Risen King

In order to live the life Jesus has made possible, we need others.  We need the kind of close relationships that are unlikely to develop only in the context of our Sunday worship services.  At Risen King there are several ways you can move toward these relationships.

We hope that everyone who is a part of Risen King will find a place in one of our Life Groups.  These provide settings for ongoing relationships; the friendships you make in a Life Group are folks you can “do life” with over the long term.  All our Life Groups are designed to help participants pursue what we call the “3C’s” – living a life that is Centered on Jesus, Connected to supportive friends, and Cooperating with the mission of God.

All of our Life Groups participate in various missional outreaches throughout the year.  Some are even organized around a specific missional focus; for example, reaching the City of Shasta Lake or making an impact in our schools.

En route to participating in a Life Group, some folks may find a place in one or our Connection Groups.  These provide settings where people can gather based on affinity, interest, or a specific curriculum.

Many people will also take advantage of one of our Focus Groups. These groups focus on a specific issue and are designed to meet for a season and then be done.  Recent Focus Groups have included GriefShare, DivorceCare, Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, and Marriage on the Rock.

For more information about current groups, go to find a Group. 

You can also contact Tim Kayser or Erin Garrison at the church office.