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Risen King Resources

This page is dedicated to providing resources to help you in your personal and spiritual growth.

Personal Growth

Armor of God Armor of God (642 KB)
How to put on the full Armor of God for your journey as a disciple of Jesus.

Breaking Sexual Bonds That Bind Breaking Sexual Bonds That Bind (13 KB)
Praying to break the bond created by sexual intimacy.

Cross of Forgiveness Cross of Forgiveness (43 KB)
This practical tool guides you through the forgiveness process.

Cultivate Brochure Cultivate Brochure (458 KB)
Brochure describing the Cultivate leadership development community

Ministry Passion Assessment Ministry Passion Assessment (85 KB)

Spiritual Gift Definitions Spiritual Gift Definitions (197 KB)

Spiritual Gift Inventory & Score Sheet Spiritual Gift Inventory & Score Sheet (99 KB)
Discover the spiritual gifts supernaturally given to you from God.

Who I Am In Christ Who I Am In Christ (50 KB)
Over 90 Statements from Scripture describing who I am in Christ

YouVersion Bible Application - A resource to access the Bible on your computer and Mobile devices. To download the mobile device app, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on "Download" under "Take the Bible with you" or click here to go to the mobile site..

Prophetic Encouragement - by Bill Randall

Prophetic words are designed to supernaturally impart courage, comfort and strength to those who receive them. This brief training session touches on the ministry of prophetic encouragement, especially as it applies to offering it in the specific ministry context described in this training video.

Coach/Spiritual Director Resources

No media download found.

Find Family Resources HERE:

Including information about our Prayer Path, Becoming a Love and Logic Parent and Family Discipleship Path Seminars.