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LifeGroups & Focus Groups

Small Groups at Risen King

At Risen King, we say that a disciple is a Christ-follower who is in community with other Christ-followers who together are fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. A key way that most people at Risen King experience this kind of community is in one of our small groups which we call LifeGroups.

LifeGroups are circles of friends (usually 6-15 people) who covenant to help one another grow to be more like Christ.  They encourage and hold each other accountable in the areas of transformation (our character becoming more like Jesus’), mission (purposefully engaging with people who don’t yet know Jesus), and service (using spiritual gifts to build up the church).

When a LifeGroup meets together, they usually share refreshments of some kind, have an interactive discussion or study, and spend time praying for and ministering to one another.  Since these are covenanted groups, group members know they will see the same people from week to week – and they know they will be missed if they aren’t there.  Of course, the LifeGroup isn’t about just going to a meeting - the relationships that are built go beyond the 90 minutes a week that the group is together.

Focus Groups are shorter in duration and where the group explores a particular subject. We have FocusGroups about strenghtening marriages, financial stability, dealing with grief or divorce, among other practical subjects.

Getting Connected

To find a group that is right for you, click on "Find a Group" below. There are many to choose from with various focuses.

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