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Marriage Mentors

A ministry designed to bring experienced mentors alongside couples experiencing difficulties or to help engaged couples lay a foundation for a lifelong marriage.

Our Purpose

In a society where more time is spent in preparing for the wedding than in preparing for the marriage, one in every two marriages ends in divorce. The effect upon the family and society is devastating.

Marriage Mentors is a ministry committed to both preparing couples for a lifetime commitment and in coming alongside couples who are struggling through difficulties in their relationship.

Our Foundation

Marriage Mentors is based on proven Biblical truth. Our mentoring program began in 1997 in response to the accelerating divorce rate and the desire to prepare couples for success in their marriages.

Marriage Mentors is based on three Biblical emphases:

  1. How to communicate

  2. How to resolve conflict

  3. How to cherish one another

Our Mentors

Each Mentor Couple has been married a minimum number of years and has gone through Mentor Training. This includes having taken the Enrich Personal Inventory, a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in a couple.

There is no perfect marriage. Mentor Couples are couples who have learned through the years to work through many challenges. The experience they offer to the couple they mentor will encourage the couple to learn to work together through challenges and to build a strong marriage.

Time and Cost

For married couples needing mentor support, the Mentor Couple is available for counseling and support as needed. A referral from a Risen King pastor is needed to take part in the program. There is no charge.

Pre-marital mentoring is designed to take place over a four month period. Mentors remain available to the newly-married couple for one year after the wedding to encourage and support the couple. Couples are required to take the Prepare Personal Inventory at the cost of $30 per couple. There is no charge for the mentoring itself.

The Pre Marital Class meets for approximately 8 weeks. It is based on a video series and book by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. Each couple is required to take the Pre Marital Personal Inventory at the cost of $30 per couple. The cost of the accompanying book for the series is approximately $18. There is no cost for the class itself.

For More Information

For more information, call the Risen King Community Church office at 244-2300. Those interested in being mentored need a recommendation from a Risen King Pastor to be referred to the Marriage Mentors program.

Love and Respect

The Love and Respect DVD series is an excellent teaching and investment that couples can make to enrich their marriage.  This series usually lasts between 8 to 10 weeks at a couple’s home with 2 or 3 other couples also attending who want to learn more about the unique relationship between a husband and wife.  The friendships, encouragement and support from this time spent together are long-lasting.

Pre Marital Preparation

Risen King is committed to premarital preparation for couples at whose weddings they officiate. Couples planning to be married by a Risen King pastor must complete either Pre Marital Mentoring, a Pre Marital Class (offered several times each year), or receive the equivalent preparation through individual or private counseling which must be approved by the officiating pastor.