People of Risen King

"Invited In" Weekend

Building Community in the Holy Spirit

March 1st-3rd

$30 for individual and $50 for married couples
Knowing who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives is an essential part of living the live that God has called us to.  A life without this understanding of the Holy Spirit will fall far short of what God intends for us!  

"I believe God is inviting us into a greater understanding of who He is, and into greater encounters with His presence and power.  As God's Spirit moves in us and works through us, not only do we grow and benefit ourselves, but we are empowered to bless and serve others!  I believe this weekend is strategic and important as we look to the future, and I hope you will plan now to be there." Pastor Tim

This will begin Friday evening, March 1; go all day Saturday, March 2; and wrap up with our regular church services on Sunday morning, March 3.  

Drs. Ron and Wanda Walborn will be with us for this weekend. They were part of the team that began Risen King 29 years ago, and Ron was the second senior pastor of the church.  Ron is the Dean of Alliance Theological Seminar and Wanda is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Nyack College.  They are anointed and articulate speakers whom God works through in powerful ways! 

The weekend will also include worship, community building, workshops and plenty of room to encounter God's Spirit.

Come expecting to know the Holy Spirit more deeply and be positioned to step more fully into the life that God has called you to.

Register Here: $30.00 for individual and $50.00 for married couples.
If this cost would prevent you from coming, or you would like to give to a scholarship fund, contact us.