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Frequently Asked Questions - Giving to Risen King

I'm new to online contributions, How do I get started?

Just click the Give button above and fill in the boxes. You are in complete control over how much you give, whether your gift will be one time or recurring and if recurring, when it will recur. As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie at the church office.

Who Is Tithe.ly?

Tithe.ly is both an online giving website and a mobile giving app for smart phones, developed to help churches offer a secure, super-quick and simple electronic giving option.

Why Electronic Giving?

In our digital age more people are relying on electronic means of exchanging money and no longer carry cash or checks. Therefore, Risen King has chosen to make electronic giving available to those who are interested. Online giving is through Tithe.ly which directly interfaces with our financial system and your contribution record.

What Are All The Ways To Give To Risen King?

Because not everybody wants to give the same way, you may give in these ways: • Drop cash or check in the weekly offering in the service • Mail checks to the office (see address at the bottom of screen) • Through the Risen King App (click on the button below to download) • Through Text on your smartphone (Text the word 'Give' to 424-332-5978) • Through the Risen King website.

How Do I Download The Risen King App?

Just click on one of these buttons.

Is It Wrong To Give With A Credit Card?

The technology that permits online transactions via debit cards also permits giving via credit cards and makes no distinction between the two. We strongly suggest that no one give their tithe or gift on their credit card unless they are able to pay it off each month. But, if you intend to pay off your balance each month we believe that is an issue of conscience and leave that between you and God. Giving by electronic check (called ACH) is also an option with lower fees than credit or debit card transactions.

Will My Transaction By Secure?

Giving online or through the Mobile App on your phone is completely secure and private. Risen King Community Church does not store or receive any account information. Our online giving system complies with PCI compliance standards as defined by the Payment Card Industry. If you have any questions about this process please contact our bookkeeper, Debbie, at the church office.

Why Is It Better To Give Through My Bank Account Than Through My Debit Or Credit Card?

Companies who process Debit and Credit Card transactions charge a percentage of the transaction amount in fees. The fees charged for Electronic checks (also called ACH) processed from your checking or savings account are significantly less (1% plus 30 cents), so more of your money goes to ministry.

Isn't Using My Debit Card The Same As Selecting The Checking Account Option?

No. Though these two options accomplish the same thing (that is, transfer your gift from your bank account to the church), they go about it differently. The debit card transaction is processed like a credit card, so credit card fees are deducted from your gift amount before the funds get deposited into the Risen King account.

Can I choose to cover processing fees?

Yes. Just click the button next to "Cover card processing fees" and the system will tell you how much the fees are and increase your gift by that amount.

How Do I Setup Recurring Contributions?

From the Risen King website, click Give which will take you to the secure giving page. From your phone, open the Risen King app and click on Give. To make your gift recurring, choose the 'Setup Automated Giving' option.

With either option, you are able to define how much you want to give, how often, when you want the gift to start and when you want it to end.

Can I Give A One Time Gift Through My Checking Account?

Yes, just follow the steps in the answer above but don't choose the 'Setup Automated Giving' option.

Can I Check What I've Given To Risen King?

Your giving record is easily accessible to you through our online community called CCB. Your contribution information is secure so only you and the financial administrator are able to see your records. To access your giving record, log into CCB here, click on either your name or Go to my profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now click the Financial tab in the middle of the screen. You will see your most recent gifts and the option to access your Giving Statement. Feel free to explore these options.

What If I Don't Have A Login To See My Contribution Record?

No problem, click here to request a login. A login will be emailed to you within 48 hours. You can always get to the login page by selecting 'Your Contributions' from the 'Give' menu.