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Covenant Membership

Becoming a Member of the Risen King Family


Covenant Membership

Belonging to a local church is an important step in the life of a disciple (someone who believes in Jesus). Yet, such a tangible expression of relational commitment is difficult for many.

At Risen King, we believe church membership makes sense when we think of a local church as a family. If our church is like a family, then becoming a member of Risen King is like becoming a member of a household, rather than remaining a guest.

In church membership, we make promises to God and to the other members of the Risen King family in order to express our commitment, and by doing so we move our relationships to a deeper level.

RK Core

By now you have probably read or heard our Identity statement as a church that we are Real People encountering a Real God making a Real Difference. This reveals much of what we believe about God and how He sees his family. In RK CORE we explore what it means to follow Jesus together at Risen King. There are three sessions, each exploring one of the following topics:

- Connecting with God's Family

- Centering on God

- Cooperating in God's mission

RK Core is open to everyone and if or when you are interested in becoming a Covenant Member of Risen King, taking all three Core classes satisfies the orientation requirement.

Let us know if you are interested in attending RK Core so we can send you the dates of the next offering.