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Next Steps

You've taken the initial step of visiting Risen King, now what? We realize that deciding on a new church home and getting connected with others can be a daunting task. We want to make that as easy for you as possible. May we suggest the following as your next steps?


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please contact the church office about when the following Next Step options will be available.

Risen King in 7 Minutes

If you did not stop by Risen King in 7 minutes when you visited and are ready to start to be known, our friendly hosts look forward to meeting you. RK in 7 happens just after the service at the table under the "RK in 7" sign toward the back of the worship center. Our hosts are prepared to answer your questions and have a gift for you. Turning in your completed blue Connection Card enables us to keep the conversation going.

Newcomer's Reception

If you are new or still feel new, you are invited to this informal time with Pastor Tim, his wife Echo and some of the other pastoral staff. It is a great way to hear some of Tim's heart for Risen King, find out more about ways to connect and grow and meet some others who are new as well. Even if you are still deciding on a church home, we encourage you to attend Newcomer's Reception.

Let us know you are interested in attending Newcomer's Reception so we can send you the date of the next gathering.

RK Core

By now you have probably read or heard our Identity statement as a church that we are Real People encountering a Real God making a Real Difference. This reveals much of what we believe about God and how He sees his family. In RK CORE we explore what it means to follow Jesus together at Risen King. There are three sessions, each exploring one of the following topics:

- Connecting with God's Family

- Centering on God

- Cooperating in God's mission

RK Core is open to everyone and if or when you are interested in becoming a Covenant Member of Risen King, taking all three Core classes satisfies the orientation requirement.

Let us know you are interested in attending RK Core so we can send you the dates of the next offering.